Zi Great Rezit (2022) Klaus Schwab And Yuval Noah Harari Caricatures

Have you noticed these Weird Elite Fuckers?
Who are adored by Worthless Empty Flatterers
All the Weak, Easy-touch, Feeble
Wimpy, Effete, Fragile
Wusses, Emasculated Fools
Was it them Who Elected Fascists?
Regardless, you can Witness Everlasting Fuckery
Weekly, Everyday, Forever
They’ll never say “We’re Evil Filth”
But look at their Woeful Eyes, Faces
They’re Warping Everything Fast
They don’t care about Water, Environment, Fossil fuels
Fake climate, fake green, fake Woke, Everything’s Fake
When Empires Fail
When Earth’s Fucked
They’ll say We’re Eradicating Farming
So we can Watch Everyone Famish
You’ll eat Worms, Earwigs, Flees
While We Eat Foie-Gras
They’ll say Why Eat Food?
And morons Will Eat Fruitflies, gladly
Remember: Wickedness Endures Forever
So while the Weaklings Effortlessly Fawn over them
We know they’ll never bring us Warmth, Ecstasy, Friendship
After their Worldwide Erasure Festival
Society Will Eventually Fall
And all we’ll have is War, Eternal Fear

A black and white caricature of Klaus Schwab

A black and white drawing of Klaus Schwab's mouth

A black and white drawing of Klaus Schwab's lips with a spot or zit

A caricature of Yuval Noah Harari growing on Klas Schwab's top lip

What Christmas gift do you get for someone who’s into conspiracies including “The Great Reset”? Well, Rome made these four canvases for his sister Gaga who can now say she owns four things and is happy. 😉

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